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Tick Prevention for Dogs

Have you ever thought about including a tick preventative in your current parasite control plan?


Although we are not in an area directly affected by paralysis ticks there are still other ticks that can affect our pets and livestock. Our location provides the ideal bush and shrub vegetation which accommodates these parasites. Ticks such as the bush tick, although nowhere near as harmful as a paralysis tick, can still irritate and cause discomfort to the host animals.


Brands such as Bravecto come in single packs and offer combined protection against both fleas and ticks. This product comes in a chew for dogs that protects against fleas for a 3month period and against ticks for a 4 month period. For more information visit



Another product that also offers a combined protection is Nexgard. Nexgard, like Bravecto is also a chew. This product however is given monthly for optimum effect. More information about Nexgard can be found via the following link



The advantage of using both of these products is that in comparison to spot-on treatments, owners do not have to worry about their pets getting wet after administering the products as they are given orally. At our clinic you can purchase tick removers like a tick twister which are easy to use. For any further questions feel free to contact the clinic on 5429 5711 or come down and have a chat to our staff.

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