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Rabbit Calicivirus

Did you know that there is a new planned release of a variant form of the rabbit calicivirus across more than 600 sites in Australia this year? The RHDV1 -K5 variant is expected to be released in Autumn and is a contagious strain. It can be spread via direct contact with infected rabbits, fomites (items which may carry the infection such as equipment or clothes) and even via vectors such as flies.


Rabbits that have been vaccinated with the currently available vaccine are shown to survive the infection with the K5 variant. However, based on trials none of the un-vaccinated rabbits survived. It is due to this that we urge all rabbit owners to please vaccinate their beloved pets against calicivirus.




Other ways which you can help to minimize the risk of your rabbit being exposed to this virus can include:
– keeping your rabbit indoors
– ensure your rabbit is isolated from wild rabbits with adequate fencing
– ensure all equipment that your rabbit comes into contact with is cleaned regularly
– ensure all clothes worn are cleaned after handling your rabbit
– washing hands after handling
– controlling fleas and insects




More information can be found via the following link

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