Finn's Corner

June 2017

Senior Month!

As you are already aware this month is Senior Month!




Although your cat or dog may not be looking old, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t undergoing some physical changes. You may notice that your senior companion is showing changes to their coat or skin, their teeth, behavior and even their sense perception. Other changes occurring in a senior pet that may not be observed can include alterations in their metabolism and organ function.


As your pet gets older their dietary requirements change. Hence, they need to be on a formulated diet that satisfies their needs. Be sure your senior companion is on a diet suitable for them. In support of Senior Month we are offering discounts on senior pet feeds including Royal Canin Senior and Mobility. Take advantage whilst this offer lasts.


Arthritis is also a common problem seen in older pets and that is why this month we are offering free arthritis consultations. If you have noticed that your pet is reluctant to participate in physical activity, displaying signs of lameness or symptoms of joint pain now is the best time to book in for a consult with our Veterinarians.



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