Finn's Corner

November 2016

You probably wonder what the big deal is with feeding your puppy and kitten on specific food. As you well doubt know we always recommend your newest family addition to be on a formulated diet rather than just any food. The reason for this is that too much of a particular nutrient in a puppy’s or kitten’s diet can be detrimental to their growth and wellbeing. The same can be said for not enough nutrients in the diet. The effects of these imbalances can cause significant long term health problems. Therefore feeding the right food to you puppy or kitten is vital during their growth and development stages.


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A properly formulated kitten or puppy food should have all of the necessary ratios of fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to support skeletal growth, immune function, muscle and nerve function, energy levels, and maintenance of body tissues. The levels of these nutrients differ in pet foods that are designed for adult breeds. The diet you choose for your puppy and kitten should be based on their age, adult size and weight.

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